On the day I explained to my Uber that it is Clojure

Joseph Avila A.
2 min readDec 9, 2023


Imagine an Uber ride that turns into an unexpected lesson on functional programming. This blog recounts my experience when I decided to share my recent learning of Clojure with my Uber driver. Here are the details of this unusual but fun encounter!

After leaving work, I had to take an Uber to the bus terminal to travel to my hometown. My eyes fell upon a small programming book on the front passenger seat. Curiosity consumed me, and upon asking, I discovered that my driver was delving into the world of programming out of pure passion. The driver’s name was Juan.

The conversation naturally flowed towards programming languages, and when I mentioned Clojure, I saw a spark of curiosity in Juan’s eyes. “Clojure? I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing,” he commented, eager to learn more about this hidden gem in the programming realm.

I decided to put theory into practice. As the vehicle moved, I took out my laptop and started writing a modest Clojure program, all while waiting at red lights. “This is a language that promotes elegance and simplicity,” I told Juan as I showed him the code.

(defn greet [name]
(str "Hello, " name "! Welcome to Clojure."))

(defn -main
[& args]
(println (greet "Juan")))

As the code came to life on the screen, Juan grasped the simplicity and effectiveness of Clojure, amazed by its concise and functional approach.

Initially, seeing many parentheses seemed confusing and strange to him, as he hadn’t had the chance to learn similar languages.

The journey turned into a lively conversation about immutability, first-class functions, and the philosophy behind functional programming. Juan asked insightful questions, and together we explored the unique features of Clojure that set it apart from other languages.

At the end of the ride, I sent Juan the code we created and some resources for him to continue his journey into the Clojure universe. He bid farewell with a grateful smile, ready to explore the magic of this functional language on his own.

This unique experience in my Uber ride was not just a chance encounter, but also an opportunity to share knowledge and ignite a passion for programming. Who would have thought that a simple Uber ride would turn into an educational and exciting adventure?

And so, our story about the day I explained to my Uber driver what Clojure is concludes. Have you had a similar experience? Have you found yourself sharing your love for programming in unexpected situations? Share your stories in the comments, and let’s continue exploring the thrilling world of code together! Until the next journey!



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